You Have Suffered.

I Have Too.


     You have health issues that you’re concerned about and that are interfering with your life’s activities, hobbies and desires.

I’ve been there. I searched 20 years for the cause of my health problems, and I found it.

What I offer is a solution to a very likely cause of your health issues.

I am a person just like you who has been in your shoes. I know what you’re going through.

My career mission is to help people like you who have suffered as I have.

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16 Benefits Patients Receive Here That You Will Too

  1. A Solution to Your Problem – Not masking the symptoms while the underlying cause goes uncorrected and worsens over time.
  2. Getting Your Life Back – Get back to doing the things you love. Get back to work. Do that hobby you haven’t been able to do in so long. Do your everyday activities and duties without having the distraction of pain and discomfort.
  3. Research Based Approach to Healthcare – More and more research is coming out continuing to portray the incredible effects that NUCCA care is having on patients with conditions like: Headaches, Neck Pain, Migraines, Vertigo, Dizziness, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Numbness/Tingling, Sciatica, Jaw Problems, Insomnia, Low Energy, Digestive Disorders and hundreds of other conditions.
  4. Natural Approach to Healthcare – No Drugs. No Prescriptions. No Surgery. Just getting to the root cause and fixing it.
  5. Scientific and Reproducible Results – The NUCCA technique has a protocol that’s been developed and refined for over half a century to get the absolute best results and to know how to reproduce those results without any guesswork.
  6. Latest Technology – Digital X-ray and Digital X-ray Analysis to determine the health of your spine and exactly what needs to be done to get you back to health.
  7. Passionate and Compassionate Doctor – Dr. Kevin Leach suffered much of his life because he didn’t have NUCCA care so he knows what it’s like to suffer. He’s passionate about giving you what he didn’t have to get healthy. He will empathize with your situation because he’s suffered as well. You will never be rushed out of the door without all of your questions and concerns being addressed.
  8. Dedicated and Driven Doctor – Dr. Kevin Leach has dedicated his professional career to becoming a master at NUCCA to best help you and all of his patients. He believes NUCCA care is literally the missing piece of the healthcare puzzle and one of the main reasons people like you suffer with health conditions. He has dedicated his public career to increasing the awareness of this vital type of care that thousands upon thousands are suffering from the lack of proper spinal healthcare.
  9. Little to No Waiting – Maximum time you’ll wait is a few minutes. We respect your time.
  10. Easy Access to the Doctor – Quick response to e-mail questions and return phone calls from Dr. Kevin Leach himself.
  11. Comprehensive Healthcare Guidance – Every aspect of your health will be addressed if you desire and appropriate recommendations will be given.
  12. Clear Goals and Desired Outcomes – Your desired goals and outcomes are heard, noted and worked on from Day 1.
  13. Thoroughness – Consultation is thorough. Exams are thorough and precise. X-rays are thorough and precise. You deserve exceptional and thorough care and that’s what you get.
  14. No Contracts – You are never locked into any care. You will be given perfect world recommendations, it’s your choice whether you follow them or not.
  15. Easy to get to the office – Very close to Highway 99 and I-5 near the Edmonds-Woodway High School.
  16. Affordable – Compared to cost of potential surgeries and prescription medications, your care here is a fraction of the costs.  Correcting the cause now could save tens of thousands of dollars in future healthcare expenses.


Current Special for Exams and X-rays (If necessary) valued at $391,

right now is $147.


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Learn Why Progressive Chiropractic Can Help You

Why I’m a NUCCA Chiropractor

I live in a society with a desperate need for quality Chiropractic care.  NUCCA changed my life, my patients lives and it will change thousands more in the future.  I suffered most of my life because I didn’t have consistent and proper spinal healthcare throughout my entire life.  Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering because they don’t have this care.  It is my career mission to bring this knowledge to my community and care for as many as I can.  It’s one thing to not want spinal healthcare for you health, it’s another to not even know that it exists.  When the tipping point happens, there won’t be enough Chiropractors for the demand.