A Fundamental Principle of Health

A Fundamental Principle of Health

A Fundamental Principle of Health

“Your body was designed to function normally, if it is not functioning normally, it is because of a deficiency or toxicity in the body.”

Meaning.. If there is something wrong with your health, THERE IS A CAUSE.  If you find that cause, you can become and stay healthy.  Unless, the problem has been there too long and there is permanent damage.

If you adapt this principle for your personal healthcare, you will enjoy good health now and in the future.

You can equate the human body to a single cell.  A single cell must have all nutrients necessary to perform all healthy functions and complete communication with the brain for vital information.  It must also be free of anything toxic that may interfere with it’s healthy processes.  Any lack of nutrients, signals from the brain or presence of toxins will cause that cell to function less than 100% of its capacity.

You can look at your health like a puzzle. Do you have all the pieces to make a complete puzzle? Do you know all the pieces necessary?  One of the biggest and most missed pieces missing in most peoples healthcare is a healthy spine.  Upper Cervical Chiropractic gave me my life and health back because it got to the cause of why I was unhealthy.  If you feel like you’ve tried everything and you are still not healthy, you most likely need an Upper Cervical Chiropractor.  Make an appointment with me today.

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