Before understanding NUCCA, you must understand Chiropractic and how it helps you live the life you desire.

Before understanding NUCCA, you must understand Chiropractic and how it helps you live the life you desire.

Chiropractic, Defined. Finally.

The profession of Chiropractic consists of Doctors (Chiropractors) who receive the exact same education as medical doctors with a focus on Adjusting the Spine, as opposed to prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. While Chiropractors may offer other healthcare services, the primary goal of the Chiropractor is to detect and Adjust Subluxations of the Spine. A Subluxation is a misalignment of one of the bones that form your spine. Since the spine surrounds and protects the nerves that come out of your spine and control everything in your body, an injury to the spine will interfere with the sending and receiving of messages being transmitted over those nerves to and from the brain and body. A Subluxation in your spine can cause hundreds if not thousands of different health problems. Since 1895, Chiropractors have been researching the best ways to detect and remove Subluxations. A research clinic from 1935-1951 showed that the most important part of your spine to be free of Subluxation, is the upper neck (Upper Cervical). This was the basis for the development of the NUCCA technique.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. NUCCA is an organization and a technique protocol that was established over a half century ago. NUCCA protocol is aimed at producing the most precise correction of the Subluxation possible rendering the maximum benefit from Chiropractic care. NUCCA is also one of the leading research organizations in Chiropractic. Click on the link to see the resources below.

Why is it Important?

It’s not only important, it’s essential for optimal health. Accidents and falls can cause injuries to the muscles and ligaments that hold our head straight on top of our neck. This injury must be treated correctly or the consequences to your overall health could be significant. The injury if left untreated causes issues on 3 major levels: 1) Neurological 2) Cerebral Spinal Fluid flow, and 3) Venous Drainage from the skull. This can cause a huge array of symptoms because all the communication to every part of your body goes through this area at the top of your neck where it meets the head. This could very likely be the cause of the health issues you are suffering from.

How can it affect your health?

Every single part of your body is reliant on the brain for healthy function. Your brain is actually reliant on information from the body. This pathway must be kept clear to obtain optimal health.

What are Primary Conditions?

A Primary Condition is the “Cause” in the Cause and Effect equation. An example of a Primary Condition is a dehydration, which in its early stages can disrupt normal body processes. The Primary Condition we deal with is a Subluxation or head/neck misalignment, which can lead to an issue anywhere in the body because of the location of where it happens.

What are Secondary Conditions?

A Secondary Condition is the “Effect” in the Cause and Effect equation. The Secondary Conditions of the Primary Condition of dehydration, are thirst, dizziness and disruption of normal processes in the body. The Secondary Conditions of the Primary Condition of Subluxation, are in the hundreds or even thousands. Some of which are listed below. Some of the Secondary Conditions listed may have more than one Primary Condition.

Acid reflux
Arm Pain
Athletic performance
Attention deficit disorders
Auditory (hearing) dysfunction
Back Pain
Birth trauma
Bed wetting
Bell’s palsy
Breathing difficulties
Cardiac (heart) function
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic fatigue
Chronic pain or infections
Digestive disorders
Disc bulges and herniations
Dizziness (vertigo)
Ear infections
Eye problems/disturbances
Flu symptoms
Gastrointestinal dysfunction
Hacking cough
High blood pressure
Hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD)
Immune function

Irritable bowel syndrome
Knee pain
Learning disorders
Low back pain
Meniere’s disease
Menopause symptoms
Menstrual disorders
Migraine headaches
Multiple sclerosis
Neck pain
Neurological disorders
Otitis media (ear infections)
Parkinson’s disease
Pediatric conditions
PMS problems
Pulmonary (lung) function
Restless leg syndrome
Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
Seizure disorders
Shoulder pain
Sinus infection
Skin disorders
Sore throat
Sports injuries
Tingling sensations
TMJ dysfunction
Trigeminal Neuralgia

What are your options?

  1. Treat it medically with a pharmaceutical drug. An example would be to take a pill to cover up the pain of a headache.
  2. Treat it naturally with an herb, supplement, vitamin or something else naturally occurring in nature. An example would be taking extra Vitamin B to try and help increase energy.
  3. Find and fix the underlying cause of the condition. An example would be to remove a Subluxation to restore normal body function.

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