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Yes and No.  The end goal of every Chiropractor is the same. The method and technique of which they meet that goal is often different.  The end goal of a Chiropractor is that the spine is aligned and functioning correctly. This is vital so that the nerves coming out of the spine are not interfered with.  An interference in any of these nerves will create health problems. Potentially the ones you are currently dealing with.

The traditional Chiropractic technique of adjusting (the one you see in the movies) can at times hurt on occasion.  Typically it will only hurt if the Chiropractor is too aggressive or forceful with the adjustment, however this is rare. It may also hurt if it’s done by someone who is not a Chiropractor.  I highly recommend never getting an adjustment by a non-Chiropractor.  The NUCCA Technique provides an extremely gentle and precise force that you will hardly even feel. It will not hurt.

The answer will depend on which Chiropractor you see. Some Chiropractors will see you for 5 or 6 visits until you feel better and then release you from care. This is Temporary Relief care. Some Chiropractors will look at the condition of your spine and how it’s affecting your health, then recommend care for a Long Term Correction. The care provided in this office is Long Term Correction using the NUCCA Technique.

No. Techniques like NUCCA have an extremely thorough analysis and protocol that account for each person. Your spine and your experience in life is unique to you and MUST be analyzed in such a way for you to get optimal care. Your History, Exam, Age, Lifestyle and how healthy your spine is, will all factor in on what’s recommended for you.

This is not an in and out appointment that lasts 2 minutes where you get minimal time with the doctor, and may not even see their face! Besides the first 2 visits which are an hour/ 1.5 hours respectively, your appointments here are 10-15 minutes long. This is just the right amount of time to get your spine aligned and address any questions or concerns you may have at that time. The most you’ll wait for your appointment is 5-10 minutes. We respect your time.

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