Pain, Numbness or Tingling

Pain, Numbness or Tingling

If You’re on this Page, You’re Probably Suffering With
Pain, Numbness or Tingling.

Don’t Go Anywhere, We Can Help Figure out if it's Coming From Your Spine.
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If you’re looking for a proper solution to your pain, and you’re tired of just masking the symptoms,
you’re in the right place.

Scientific research by the medical profession shows that chiropractic adjustments safely and effectively treat pain and have the highest patient satisfaction among providers. Click on the study from Harvard below.

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Your health problems are affecting your life.
I experienced these same negative affects before I received
NUCCA Chiropractic Care.

Your relationships are affected.

You’re limited from playing with your children/grandchildren.

You’re unable to enjoy your hobbies.

You’re not getting the sleep you need.

I know the misery of this pain…

I’ve suffered like you have.

If I would have had this care earlier in my life, I would have had a very different life.

Call my office now and sit down with me. Let’s figure out if you’re a candidate for care. I offer a Complimentary Consultation to see if you’re a good fit for the office here. There is NO commitment. If I can’t help you, I’ll do my best to find someone who can. I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Kevin Leach

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Tell us your story