About Dr. Kevin Leach

About Dr. Kevin Leach

My Story.. My Why..

Dr. Kevin Leach grew up in Wilmington, Delaware where he was a 3 sport athlete through High School. Baseball lead him to play his freshman year for Delaware Tech in southern Delaware. Injuries and health issues lead him to concentrate more on a career rather than sports. He transferred to High Point University in High Point, North Carolina where he majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. It was there where he received a glimpse of how Chiropractic care could help him with his health and so he decided to be a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Journey

The first year of Chiropractic school was a great change in the form of study from the problem solving and analytical nature of Computer Science and Mathematics to the memorizing and identification of the basic sciences. Health issues continued which made studying very difficult. After a year of being a student and being under care at Palmer College of Chiropractic, he was yet almost as unhealthy as he was when he arrived. This was troubling because Chiropractic wasn’t getting him as healthy as the philosophy said it could. It turns out that the top bone in his neck was not being corrected as much as it needed to be. Luckily he found a Chiropractic approach that addressed this problem, and he eventually saw the results that Chiropractic promised. It is at this point where he realized that Chiropractic must be applied completely and correctly, and will always leave the body with the greatest communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Because of this experience, this is the approach he provides his patients with and has been providing since he began practice.


Dr. Leach sees a massive problem in society today, which is the lack of knowledge and availability of proper spinal healthcare. If every person understood the value of lifelong proper spinal healthcare, there wouldn’t be enough doctors to provide this service in the community. The majority of people in the community who are being helped by doctors like Dr. Leach are those who have such bad spinal health, that it’s causing health issues that drugs and surgery are not treating successfully or people don’t want to treat their health issues, but rather find the cause of their health issues. Proper spinal healthcare throughout our lives can not only help prevent future health issues, but will also give us more health, energy and vitality today. Because of the suffering that Dr. Leach went through for over half of his life, his vision is that Edmonds and eventually the great Seattle area will know the importance of spinal healthcare throughout our entire lives. Nobody deserves to suffer the way he did and there are thousands upon thousands in every community around the United States suffering needlessly because of the lack of knowledge that spinal healthcare is of vital importance to our health.

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