Edmonds Chiropractor – Dr. Kevin Leach – NUCCA Chiropractic

Edmonds Chiropractor Dr. Kevin Leach D.C. NUCCA Chiropractic Edmonds Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Leach D.C. has opened his private practice to serve the community of Edmonds, Washington and surrounding communities to help people who have been suffering, and have found no answers, because their answer is NUCCA Chiropractic Care. Could this be you? Dr. Leach offers … Read more

NUCCA Chiropractic – Why Do We Need It? – Edmonds, WA

Why do we need NUCCA Chiropractic? For you it means improved health. Which means doing what you want in life because you are healthy. NUCCA Chiropractic can help. Technically speaking, it means taking care of your spine.  Your spine has nerves coming out that control every function in your body.  A problem with you spine … Read more

Help with Post Concussion Syndrome, Headaches and Vertigo

If you are still suffering with Post Concussion Syndrome, Headaches and Vertigo, than you’re missing this piece of the puzzle.   Watch this video or read below to see what you must do to get the help you need.     Published Research Case Study Title: Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care of a Patient with Post … Read more

What Treatments Are Available for Migraines in Edmonds WA?

Four pharmaceutical companies are trying to launch the first drug that will be able to prevent people suffering from migraines in an attempt to cash in on what’s thought to be a market worth $4-$8 billion. But does a miracle drug really exist and are there any other treatments that can alleviate pain? It’s believed … Read more

Meniere’s Disease – What’s the Best Treatment?

US clinicians have launched a new trial to help those who suffer from Meniere’s Disease – a disorder that affects the inner ear and can cause nausea together with a loss of hearing and balance. The condition is caused by problems with the fluid in the inner ear and the vestibulocochlear nerve, meaning the brain … Read more

Menopausal Migraines in Edmonds, WA

The transition through menopause typically involves hot flashes, insomnia, and night sweats. What many don’t know is that chronic migraines can also appear with the onset of menopause. Chronic migraines (10 or more migraine episodes per month) are common in women who are approaching menopause. It is often seen in women between 42-47, approximately 5 … Read more

Migraines: Your Safe Alternative to Medication

Did you know that 1 in 8 people experiences migraines? That makes safe and effective treatment an important topic. They have a high cost to the sufferer, and not just in terms of discomfort. Relationships may also suffer as well as the ability to work. Common treatment approaches deal with mitigating symptoms rather than providing an … Read more

Migraine Triggers in Edmonds, WA

Your head is pounding, lights are incredibly bright, and noises make you feel nauseous. A migraine can rob you of your entire day. Some common migraine triggers include (1) – Lack of sleep Low blood sugar (skipping meals) Bright lights Loud sounds Red wine Menstruation Avoiding potential triggers may decrease the frequency of your migraines; … Read more