Post Concussion Syndrome

Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion? or Post-Concussion Syndrome?

If you still have symptoms 7-14 days after your concussion, you have POST-CONCUSSION SYNDROME. 

I would encourage you to choose getting your NECK checked out.. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation now.

“Edmonds’ Chiropractor Reveals The Missing Factor of
Post Concussion Syndrome…
The Missing Factor You’ve Never Heard Before”

Whether you haven’t had the results from your providers you’d like, or you’ve been told you have to live with it.. you may never have been told that this could be the cause of your symptoms – until now.

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Dear Friend:
My name is Kevin Leach, DC – For the past 12 years I have been a Chiropractic Upper Cervical Specialist not only treating my patients but actively trying to create awareness for those suffering just like you. If you want to see the research and learn why Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help suffering people like you with Post Concussion Syndrome, there are several resources below for you to explore. If you want me to explain it to you directly, simply call or message my office for a Complimentary Consultation, where I can determine if you are a good candidate for this care.

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If your past providers did not recommend that you see an Upper Cervical Specialist, I wouldn’t be surprised. Unfortunately, most providers know a lot about what they do and who they can help, but when it doesn’t work, they’re not always sure who else could potentially help their patient, so they conclude that nothing else can be done. Which, lucky for you, is..

100% not true.

What we’ve found with patient that have Post Concussion Syndrome is that the symptoms are actually a result from the neck injury that occurs simultaneously with the concussion, that was never diagnosed.

Part of my outreach effort is to make aware to the providers, just like you have seen, that see patients who’ve had concussions who further progress into Post Concussion Syndrome. Because unfortunately many of them do not know that this care exists, YET!

My career mission is to spread the awareness of the kind of care that I provide, called NUCCA or Upper Cervical Chiropractic, because in turn it has helped those like you suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome and 100’s of other conditions.

I have had my patients recover, seen the research and know many colleagues who have had tremendous results with Post Concussion Syndrome. Watch the videos below.


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Research, Explanations & TV Spots

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I don’t know how much you’ve search or how much you’ve tried. If you’re still having symptoms, and you sustained a neck injury during your concussion, you may never get better until your injury is corrected by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. I truly hope that is not your destiny.

I offer a Complimentary Consultation for you to see if this office is a good fit for you, and also whether you’re a good fit for this office. It breaks down a barrier for you to get help. There is not commitment. If at the end of your consultation one of us realizes that this isn’t the right place for you, I’ll do my best to find you someone that can help you.

Forgive my audacity and confidence in how sure I am that Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care can help you. It’s as close to a guarantee that you’ll get without getting one.

Dr. Kevin Leach

P.S. Don’t delay, don’t ponder, take action today. This could give you your life back, quite literally. Call or send my office a message. I look forward to helping you.

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