Natural Vertigo Treatment in Edmonds, Washington

Natural Vertigo Treatment in Edmonds, Washington

Vertigo, Dizzy, Dizziness, Disequilibrium, SpinningIs it Dizziness or Vertigo?

This is a good question to answer before seeking treatment.

As many as 6% of doctor’s visits are the result of dizziness. This a very common condition and affects 2 in 5  people after the age of 40. It becomes even more common as we get into our later years. Dizziness can range from a brief episode to a chronic condition.

Symptoms of dizziness include:

  • Lightheadedness
  • Loss of balance

How Is Vertigo Different?

Vertigo is a false feeling that the room is spinning (or perhaps that the individual is spinning).

Additional symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Balance issues
  • Nystagmus

Vestibular system problems are often to blame for both vertigo and dizziness, further blurring the lines between the conditions. The vestibular system includes the inner ear as well as nerves that connect the ear to the brainstem and cerebellum to receive and translate signals.

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How Your Neck Is Involved

The atlas and axis vertebrae at the top of the neck protect the brainstem. A misalignment here can result in symptoms like dizziness or vertigo. Such misalignments can occur in an accident or injury, even if the injury does not seem that severe.

One study involved 60 patients who were experiencing vertigo. In the study, nearly the entire group saw either complete relief or at least great improvement in their symptoms. At Progressive Chiropractic, we use the NUCCA method to realign upper cervical misalignments and provide natural treatment of vertigo for our patients.


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