What Treatments Are Available for Migraines in Edmonds WA?

What Treatments Are Available for Migraines in Edmonds WA?

Headaches, Migraines, Headache, Migraine, Natural ReliefFour pharmaceutical companies are trying to launch the first drug that will be able to prevent people suffering from migraines in an attempt to cash in on what’s thought to be a market worth $4-$8 billion. But does a miracle drug really exist and are there any other treatments that can alleviate pain?

It’s believed that nearly half the global population (46%) suffer from headaches in some form and that in the US, 10% of people are affected by the condition (1,2).

Migraines can have a debilitating effect on patients and tend to affect women twice as often as men. The condition can alter mood and concentration and has caused problems both at work and in social areas of life.

Most people rely on general prescription drugs and over-the-counter relief such as Ibuprofen. Others try to modify their lifestyle choices, perhaps following a different diet, getting more sleep, or doing more exercise.

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The proposed new drug being formulated by pharma companies aims to block certain proteins in the body that transmit pain to the central nervous system. However, preliminary results have been somewhat disappointing showing the drug to be less than 50% effective and in some cases only 20% effective.

As such, many migraine sufferers are still keen to look for more natural and successful treatments. Thankfully, there are also doctors who want to help. Here at Progressive Chiropractic, we treat many patients with migraines in a gentle and natural way.

Using the NUCCA technique, we focus on the atlas bone (C1 vertebra) which is the first cervical vertebra of the spine. When misaligned, this bone can result in headaches and discomfort. A study of 100 migraine sufferers who had misaligned atlas bones showed that all benefitted from as few as 1-2 upper cervical chiropractic adjustments (3) and some were completely cured of headaches, removing the need for medicinal relief.


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