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The Brain-Body Connection is a term that I first used at the Yardley Institute in Kent, Washington.

This term describes a crucial area of our body that controls a tremendous amount of our health.  You could have an issue in this area, not know it, and it could be causing some or all of your health conditions.

Yes, that’s a bold statement. I promise if you have been through what I’ve been through, and have seen what I’ve seen with my patients, you would believe it.

As NUCCA Chiropractors and Upper Cervical Chiropractors in general we adjust the upper neck. Put your finger right below your ear and behind your jaw, that’s the upper neck.

Because of accidents and falls in our lives, we often injure the upper neck. Think about how many car accidents you’ve had. Think about that fall when you were a kid. Think about that stupid thing you did as a teenager.  Any past injury to your upper neck, if left uncorrected, causes dysfunction of your body. Whether you can feel it immediately or not. Over time, your body gets more and more unhealthy, until one day you have a symptom.

If your symptoms and health conditions are caused by a past injury to your upper neck, and you never get it corrected. You will deal with those problems negatively affecting everything in your life, for the rest of your life.

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