Dizzying Ways that Vertigo Complicates Life

Dizzying Ways that Vertigo Complicates Life

Vertigo, Dizzy, Dizziness, Disequilibrium, SpinningVertigo gives a person the sensation that everything around them is spinning. The system known as the vestibular system is responsible for maintaining our balance and physical orientation. When this system malfunctions, vertigo can be experienced. Many times, this dizzying sensation is temporary. For others, it can become a chronic condition that can lead to further complications. What are some conditions that can cause vertigo? What are your treatment options if you experience vertigo or any of the other complications?

The most commonly experienced form of vertigo is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. When you move your head or neck suddenly, this can result. That sensation you feel when standing up too quickly is caused by this. However, injuries from accidents or sports can lead to this as well.

Labyrinthitis is another form of vertigo where the inner ear swells. This can be triggered by infection, such as the flu or respiratory infection. This can, in turn, cause irritation in the ear leading to labyrinthitis. In its severest form, loss of hearing can occur.

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Meniere’s disease also involves the inner ear. Tinnitus, building pressure, or even hearing loss can result.

Finally, there is what is known as vestibular neuronitis. The vestibular nerve courses through your inner ear. This nerve signals the brain when you move. When the nerve becomes inflamed, which can happen with infection, the signals to the brain can become distorted, making you feel as though you were in motion when you are not.

Suffering from any of these ailments presents with specific and tiresome challenges, especially when they are chronic. Dr. Kevin Leach of Edmonds, Washington is an experienced upper cervical chiropractor who can help alleviate if not resolve many vertigo issues and other conditions. The conditions listed above are normally the result of a neck injury. Through gentle aligning of the upper cervical region, Dr. Leach is able to help relieve the cause and the symptoms of vertigo.

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