Migraine Pain: It’s all in your head?

Migraine Pain: It’s all in your head?

Headaches, Migraines, Headache, Migraine, Natural ReliefIt’s no secret that migraines cause pain, sometimes for hours or even days. There is a large population of society that suffers from migraines as high as 36 million Americans. Even worse, if you suffer from multiple migraines a month you have chronic migraines. If you are unfortunate to relate to that 36 million people, you know how devastating the effects can be not only on your health but your entire live.

The truth of the matter is it’s all in your head, literally. It is well known that migraine is related to the amount of blood flow to the head, the nerves and nervous system, and how the brain is able to react to those factors. Migraines are a challenge even for the best doctors and specialists since the condition is broad in nature and each person has a unique presentation.

Most people are just getting by with over the counter medications such as ibuprofen. What if you actually had the ability to influence how well that pill worked? One drug company thought so and has made headlines. One of Australia and Britain’s largest drug company was exposed for selling the same medication (a variant of ibuprofen) for a variety of conditions. The same formula was put into different branded boxes for conditions like migraines and the company has been exposed.

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But what if works better because you think it will? Well one study gave headache patients a dummy pill, one group received the pill as a normal over the counter medication and the other group received the same pill branded as a pain relief pill. The pain pill patients reported better results. While having an optimistic outlook is good for any patient what can actually be done to correct the cause of migraines?

Many people are not looking for a pill to solve their problems; instead they want natural migraine relief. That’s where migraine specialist Dr. Kevin Leach has been successful with patients in Edmonds Washington. As an Upper Cervical chiropractor Dr. Leach is able to get to the root cause which is often found in the neck. The first bone in the spine under the skull is known as the Atlas vertebra.

Modern science has shown that when the Atlas is out of its normal position that it has negative affects on the blood flow and nerves to the brain which may result in migraines. Studies performed on patients receiving upper Cervical Chiropractic care have shown a reduction in frequency and duration of episodes. Some cases even reported complete resolution of migraines in as little as one or two adjustments.


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