Vertigo, Dizziness, and Disequilibrium – A Common Connection

Vertigo, Dizziness, and Disequilibrium – A Common Connection

Vertigo, Dizzy, Dizziness, Disequilibrium, SpinningFeeling dizzy or being off-balance can really impact a person’s life. Something that seems to be a normal, everyday task can become difficult when you experience dizziness. Dressing, bathing, and working can be a challenge. Some 69 million people living in the USA have experienced some sort of vertigo or vestibular (relating to the ear and balance sensory) disorder symptoms.

How can one type of experience with dizziness be differentiated from another kind? Here are some specific symptoms:

  • Vertigo is the feeling that you are spinning or moving or that the environment around you is doing so.
  • Dizziness is feeling unsteady, faint, or lightheaded, but you do not feel like you are spinning.
  • Disequilibrium is feeling a loss of balance or unsteadiness that comes along with spatial disorientation in most cases.

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When you experience any of the above what is happening is that signals that flow from the brain to the body become disrupted. They are sending the signal that you are off-balance, even though you really are not. This information is sent through the sensory system. This system is made up of your eyes that perceive how the body is moving and where it is located, the nerves that relay messages to the brain about your position, and the inner ear that contains sensors that help in detecting gravity and if you are moving back and forth. So, what causes these to be out of balance?

The Common Connection

The root cause of these problems seems to lie in the upper neck area of the spinal column. If you have a slight misalignment there, it can create this feeling of being off balance. By consulting Dr. Kevin Leach of Edmonds, Washington, who is a specially trained upper cervical chiropractor, you can begin to find some relief. Dr. Leach can detect the misalignment that is creating your problem and gently and effectively correct it.

A study was perform with 60 patients that were suffering from vertigo. In as little as one month 100% of them saw improvement, and in some cases complete recovery, when being treated by an upper cervical chiropractor. It is a great place to start to resolve your dizziness problems. Contact Dr. Leach today, and begin to regain your life!

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