Chronic Headaches – Providing Relief in Edmonds Washington

Chronic Headaches – Providing Relief in Edmonds Washington

Headaches, Migraines, Headache, Migraine, Natural ReliefHeadaches are bad enough if you suffer from them once in a while. However, chronic headaches and migraines are certainly debilitating. You never really know when the next one will occur, and they are difficult to treat. It is rare to find something that will treat your headaches consistently.

What We Know About Migraines

The cause is unknown, but what we do know can give us some clues as to how to treat migraines. A lack of oxygenation to the brain is linked to head pain. A reason for this can be connected to the upper two vertebrae (the C1 and C2). These two vertebrae are prone to having misalignments due to their positioning. If there is a misalignment, this can hinder blood flow and oxygen to the brain. It can also affect neurological function. All of these things can play a role in developing migraines and other headaches.

Another similarity noted is that a number of people that have chronic headaches also have had an injury to their upper neck or head. Even minor incidences can cause a misalignment due to the instability of the area of the neck involved. A study of 101 patients that had a variety of headaches revealed that 87 of them had prior neck or head injuries.

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Treatment for Chronic Headaches

An upper cervical chiropractor uses a highly specialized method of analysis to detect misalignments in the upper neck. Dr. Kevin Leach of Edmonds, Washington is one of these doctors. Dr. Leach can diagnose and fix the problem in your neck and very possibly eliminate the headache pain you are experiencing. Once your misalignment is corrected, blood flow and oxygen will be restored to normal, and you should begin to feel much better. Why not make your appointment for an assessment today?


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