Hypertension and High Blood Pressure: Research Shows Causative Factor

Hypertension and High Blood Pressure: Research Shows Causative Factor

If you or anyone you know has Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, this is a MUST read.

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Are you taking medication for High Blood Pressure? Is High Blood Pressure a concern for you? Has your doctor told you that it’s not good to have High Blood Pressure? Are you tired of taking medication for High Blood Pressure?

If you’ve tried proper exercise and diet and you still can’t get your blood pressure into normal levels without medication, OR, even if you haven’t tried exercise and diet and you’re managing your blood pressure with medications and wish to actually get to the very likely potential cause of your high blood pressure, Here is your answer.

In the video below, I review the ground breaking NUCCA study done by Dr. Marshall Dickholtz which showed an extremely strong correlation between the Chiropractic head/neck misalignment and high blood pressure. That “correlation” being the actual CAUSE of the high blood pressure. Watch to find out and find my other comments below.

Link to Research Study Abstract: Click Here

Again, it is CRITICAL to understand the mechanism of why the Atlas adjustment performed by Dr. Dickholtz resulted in a decrease/normalization of blood pressure.  The Atlas adjustment was not a “treatment” for high blood pressure.

An example of a treatment of blood pressure is pharmaceutical intervention.  The chemicals that make up the drug administered are changing the physiology of the body that in effect cause ones blood pressure to lower.  The problem with this approach is that it’s not addressing why the blood pressure is high in the first place.  We must understand that the body is incredibly intelligent and if it needs to have high blood pressure, there is a very specific reason why which must be found by the doctor.  Even if the treatment given to the patient was a natural and non-toxic substance like an herbal remedy, if the treatment given is to create an EFFECT, rather than getting to a CAUSE, we’re still not on the right track.

In the case of each patient in the study who was found to have a head/neck misalignment, which interferes with how the body functions neurologically:  The correction of this head/neck misalignment back to normal alignment, and thus back to normal neurology, brought the blood pressure of these patient within normal range.  Conclusion: The misalignment was the CAUSE of the high blood pressure.

Want me to go into exactly WHY the misalignment causes high blood pressure?  Drop me a line and I’ll create a video going into detail. For now, help me change the world, you, your loved ones, friends, anyone you know and share this information.


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