Knowing What to Ask Your Doctor

Knowing What to Ask Your Doctor

Knowing what to ask your Doctor

It’s all about the questions you ask right?

If you are a patient of mine, you know that one of the things that I stress here in my office is finding the cause of your health issues, not merely covering the symptoms.  So the best question to ask your doctor is, “I have this going on, I’m concerned about it, what is the cause and why is it happening?”  The society we have all grown up in has taught us instead to ask a very different question, “I have this going on, I’m concerned about it, how can I feel better?”  Both questions have good intentions.  Unfortunately, the answers to these different questions could drastically change your healthcare approach.

If your “Check Engine” light came on in your car, you would take it to a mechanic.  If your mechanic popped off your dashboard, unplugged the light, popped on the dashboard and said, “That should do it, that’ll be $100.”  What would your reaction be?  Probably one of complete confusion and possibly anger.  You would know instinctively that someone was still wrong with the engine, that’s why the light went on in the first place.  It may be safe to say you wouldn’t go back to that mechanic.

If the corners of your garden started to wilt and turn brown, would you take out your green paint and paint all the brown back to green? Or would you troubleshoot to see why it was happening?  Too much shade? Not enough water?

These examples may seem ridiculous, but if you make the analogy of what we are recommended to do when we have something wrong with our health, it puts things into perspective.  When we have a headache, do you think our body is deficient in Aspirin?  You may actually believe that based on how popular Aspirin is.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to find the cause of why you have a headache instead?  Just as it would make more sense to look at the engine to see what’s wrong instead of unplugging the light, or troubleshooting your garden situation instead of painting leaves green, it would make sense to find the cause of your headaches rather than covering up you body’s alarm system telling you that there is something very wrong.  That alarm system is extremely valuable because it allows us to figure out what the problem is.  When you take that Aspirin for the headache, yes, you feel better, but you are essentially turning off the alarm system of your body trying to tell you something is wrong.  Would you just knock the fire alarm off the wall in the middle of the night? Or would you make sure there was no fire?

“Doctor, I keep having Migraines, what’s causing them?”

“Doctor, I keep getting Dizziness and Vertigo, what’s causing that?”

“Doctor, my child keeps having ear infections and is always sick, why is this happening?”

“Doctor, my body hurts all over and I don’t know why, what’s causing that?”

“Doctor, ___________________________ , what’s causing that?”

The cause of my health issues (and there were many) was fixed by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, and that’s why I’m an Upper Cervical Chiropractor today.  Make an appointment with me if you’re tired of treating your symptoms and you’re ready to get to the cause of your health issues.




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